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GWFBA provides a place for individuals who are interested in the intersection of business and creativity. We want students to be able to share and explore their interests, passions, and motivations, through any creative media they desire. This on-campus organization was created to encompass everything from an online blog, printed magazine, events, fundraisers, to a captivating social media campaign all focused on fashion. GWFBA’s overall mission is to provide a place of engagement for GW students interested in fashion, business, and industries alike.


This blog is a meant to exhibit YOU, the students and individuals interested and passionate about a product, idea, or concept. It is meant to showcase YOUR work, and share YOUR ideas, writing, and thoughts with others. This digital platform is meant to be accessible to everyone, showcasing upcoming events, and attracting students with an interest in the topics discussed.

GWFBA is a community of individuals who share a need for innovation, creativity, and design, and have a businesslike mindset to guide their paths.

We cannot wait to see GWFBA grow and evolve <3 


Caro Garcia, President GWFBA

Suraya Salfiti